I am worried about my child’s early intervention evaluation

As parents, we know our kids better than anyone else. We know what he’s trying to say and when. We know when he is happy and when he is facing difficulties. We also know when something is wrong.

Sometimes, it may be paranoia or just a harmless phase that gets us worried. At other times, we could be looking at growth or development disorder. An early intervention evaluation gives us a definite answer and can put our worries to end. We’ll know if it is our fear made us act up or if our child needs additional help.

Here, we take a deeper look at early intervention evaluation and what you can expect:

Who is going to evaluate my son?

Experts and professionals in the field of early intervention, certified to conduct assessments will go through with the process. These professionals have in-depth knowledge about kids and the significant areas of development such as hearing, vision, speaking, and social skills.

child’s early intervention evaluation

It is crucial that we only depend on experienced individuals from reputed firms so that we get an accurate report about our kids.

A good evaluator will always ensure that the parent is actively involved throughout the intervention assessment.

What can I expect through the process?

Before the assessment, you will most likely meet with the evaluator yourself and discuss your concerns. The discussion will help with the evaluation, which is why you must ensure that you are thorough while sharing everything about your child.

Even during the intervention, the evaluator may involve you based on the need to understand a few different aspects of your child in detail. Assessments can last for about a week after which a detailed report will be shared with you.

child’s early intervention evaluation

This report will consist of the entire assessment as well as the points to look into. This comprehensive report will be very useful in finding the best early intervention center for your child if the need arises.

What if my child needs early intervention?

Good centers will guide you to the best early intervention centers. However, there are a few that have therapists and professionals in-house. They start their therapy from evaluation to intervention, ensuring that you don’t go in search of anyone else.

At In-Sync, we conduct standardized tests and assessments to help determine if kids need early intervention. Depending on the results we also help you with intervention. In-Sync is a multi-disciplinary early child development center that has specialized, in-house therapists to help your child with his every need.


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