Keep Your Child Healthy And Fit This Summer

Summer is here and is in full swing, which only means one thing to your child – freedom. Summer is the one time of the year when kids play all day, binge on sodas, ice-creams and other unhealthy snacks, and just let loose. While this may be all fun and games for a while, such habits lead to children falling ill.

We’re here to give you a couple of pointers on how you can help keep your child healthy this summer:

Stay Hydrated

We cannot stress this more, but staying hydrated is one of the most important steps you can take for your child’s health during summer. Playing under the hot sun for long hours leads to loss of energy and dehydration. The best way to tackle this issue is to equip your child with a bottle of water every time he steps out. You could also try your hand at creating delicious and nutritious juices, smoothies and flavoured waters at home for your child to sip on throughout the day. Make sure, however, that you increase your child’s fluid intake gradually.

Stick To A Schedule

Having a fixed time for tasks is essential as it helps maintain a schedule for your child. We know that schedules tend to weaver a bit when summer begins. You don’t need to have fixed timings for everything that your child partakes in during summer; however, having a set time for sleep and meals is something that parents must focus on. Doing this will help keep your child well-rested and will also improve his immunity level, reaction time and weight management.

Workout That Brain

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 need to be continuously challenged so that they learn and grasp as much as possible during these formative years. There is so much more to learning than just science and maths. Give your child a fun puzzle to solve or an exciting book to read. Encouraging arts and crafts is also something that’ll help your child. All these things go onto helping your child improve his levels of creativity and develop lateral thinking.

Eat Right

Unhealthy food habits are one of the main reasons for kids falling ill. Eating and drinking loads of ice-creams and sodas to stay cool might seem like a good idea to your child, but this will only result in a tummy ache, which might lead to poor health. Fixing nutritious meals isn’t enough. As a parent, making sure your child likes what he eats is important. There are tons of ways you can make a meal or a snack healthy yet fun for your child – Cutting it into fun shapes, or creating a colourful plate are a few examples. Making food swaps like fruit-based desserts in place of chocolates, freshly prepared foods in place of packaged food, etc. is another way to go.

There we go. Those were a few ways by which you can keep your child’s health in check during these hot summer days. Leading child nutritionists and experienced doctors have suggested these pointers, so do give them a go.

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