How your child can stay in the pink of health this winter!

Winter is around the corner and it is getting colder day by day. It is a common sight to see people dressed in sweaters, jackets and gloves wherever you go and find yourself covered in the same. You find yourself constantly sipping hot tea or coffee to ward off the cold.

Every climate change comes with its own set of challenges, one of them being our immunity towards ailments. If you have a child, then you must do anything it takes to shield them from the cold to prevent them from falling sick.

Here are some steps that you as a parent can undertake to prevent your little one from falling sick:

A diet full of nutrients

Make sure to feed your kids a diet full of energy sources and nutrients. For that we recommend you to integrate leafy vegetables, carrots, beans, legumes and also some fruits in your child’s diet.

We are sure your kid would say no to such food and may also complain and demand junk food for which you can try to make it appealing. Like hot creamy tomato soup with bread, oats idlis with sambar, almond halwa etc. Such foods contain necessary antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients to help your darling remain germ and disease free throughout the course of winter.

Keeping clean

Often, kids touch surfaces like doors, phones, computer keyboards, cups, newspapers, their toys etc. All of these surfaces can transmit germs. The best way to avoid such contamination is to wash their hands before every meal, after coming out of the bathroom and after daycare or school.

Also make sure that your little one exercises caution while coughing or sneezing and that they cover their mouth and nose with a handkerchief, or a paper tissue while doing so in order to prevent germs from spreading around.

Keep them warm

Too much exposure to the cold can block the nasal passage, and can narrow the muscles. After this, a sudden increase in temperature brings in a lot of moisture, thus making them more prone to cold. To avoid this, make sure your kids are well covered from head to toe, with thermals, sweaters, mufflers and hand gloves and always serve them hot and fresh food during this season.

Adequate sleep

Make it compulsory for your kids to have not less than 8 hours of sleep at night. Disease and infection fighting antibodies and cells are released in the body during night, and we need these chemicals and hormones to ward off diseases and infections.

Sleep deprivation reduces the ability of these chemicals to fight diseases, thus leaving the body more prone to the same. Now that the body lacks proper resources to fight them, it takes the body a longer time to recover from ailments.

Remain well hydrated

With a dip in temperatures, kids might feel tempted not to drink water. Too much of this can cause the body to get dehydrated.

Thus, it is crucial for your kid to drink adequate amounts of water daily to flush the toxins out of the body and remain immune from germs and infections.

As long as your child is made to follow the steps outlined above, we are sure there would be nothing to prevent your tiny tot from staying in the pink of health this winter.


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