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The earliest years of life have the biggest impact in one’s life. It is during the first three years that most of the brain develops. That’s why the changes and growth a child goes through during his early years shapes his entire future. Around this age, kids learn identification, love, bonding, emotional skills, social skills, cognitive skills, and more.

While different children learn and grow at different paces, a few may face difficulties in developing a few skills such as pronouncing age-appropriate words, holding a pencil by the age of 3, and so on. When identified early, such delays and possible developmental disorders can be rectified and helped so that despite challenges, children can grow up into independent individuals.

What is In-Sync?

In-Sync is a child development center in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, which follows a multi-disciplinary approach.

At In-Sync, we have therapists from different fields who come together to help kids overcome developmental difficulties. We offer customized therapy programs for every child because difficulties vary from one child to the other. The programs are designed after details discussions with parents and assessments with kids, which help us understand the challenges in detail.

The infrastructure we provide is in-line with the therapy and programs we offer. We have world-class equipment to ensure that we are able to provide every activity that a child may need to work on his challenges.

The therapies we provide:

1. Occupational therapy: This helps kids improve their nervous functioning, which in turn helps kids develop day-to-day skills such as social, personal, and inter-personal skills.

2. Sensory integration therapy: Kids who face challenges with interpreting and responding to information benefit greatly from this therapy. Difficulties with hearing, touch, vision, movement, taste, and pressure are addressed through this therapy.

3. Speech and language therapy: This therapy rehabilitates cognitive and physical challenges that affect communication. Speech, language, and expression are improved through this therapy.

4. Psychology and counselling: We have in-house counsellors and psychologists who work closely with parents to devise inclusive and integrated treatment strategies.

5. Triple M program: We provide behavioral support through our Making Moments Magic (Triple M) program wherein we address all difficulties and challenges related to behavior.

6. Special education: Special education helps kids with their cognitive development. We help children overcome difficulty in concentration, inability to read or write, challenges in expression, et cetera through this therapy.

The assessments we provide

We offer assessment packages to understand every child’s difficulty and to come up with customized strategies and treatment plans.

1. School readiness assessment package: We use standardized tools to gauge a child’s readiness to attend school at the academic and physical level. This is a week-long assessment after which a detailed report is sent to the parent.

2. Intervention assessment package: This assessment package helps understand the course of treatment in case the child has been assessed with a special need and/or if the parents suspects that the child may need additional support or intervention. This is also a week-long assessment.

3. Diagnostic assessment package: This package helps diagnose neurodevelopmental/pervasive disorders. Below is the list of assessments that are offered:

• Intelligence Assessment (IQ)
• Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Global Developmental Delays
• Communication Disorder
• Intellectual Developmental Disorder (Intellectual Disability)
• Specific Learning Disorder
• Learning Difficulties
• Motor Disorders
• Tic Disorders

4. Specialist assessments and intervention: When a child is referred to our center, our specialists conduct assessments. These assessments also include an hour-long feedback session to the parents and a full report that summarizes the entire assessment.

The groups we have

No child deserves to feel alone at any given point of time, least of all when he is going through developmental challenges. At In-Sync, we have groups to facilitate interaction among our kids. The sessions give them immense joy while being highly educative.

1. Getting along groups: Also referred to as social interaction groups, we bring together children who are similar in age as well as ability. These groups mainly focus on improving social interaction through a 6-month curriculum.

2. Parent forum: Parents of kids with special needs are brought together to form support groups. They help them feel empowered and understood, thereby enhancing their parenting abilities and providing them the support they need to help their children through difficult times.

We implore you to get in touch if you have any concerns or doubts about your child’s development and growth. Also, if you are a doctor and have been approached by parents or caretakers of kids with any of the aforementioned difficulties, we invite you to refer them to us. You can get in touch with us anytime through phone (+91 9707777444) or email (

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