In-Sync houses a team of specialized Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychologists who administer psychological, and developmental assessments for children, as well as a Clinical Counselor who works together with parents to design inclusive and integrated treatment strategies.

Developmental evaluation helps identify children with special needs, as well as provide information for interventions to be designed which would help children reach their full potential both at home and at school. We use a variety of globalized instruments and conduct focused interviews with parents and caregivers, along with structured and unstructured play-based observations of the child, to gain a complete picture of the child and his/her family. We pay close attention to the parents’ understanding of their child’s difficulties and spend time in establishing a shared goal between the team and the family. The whole team continually monitors the child’s progress in therapy in order to identify areas of growth, to determine efficacy of treatment plans, and/or to recommend modifications to the ongoing treatment.

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