At In-Sync we provide behavioural support through our ‘Behavioural Intervention’ program. This includes, but is not limited to, parent counseling, behaviour modification, support group sessions, and collaborating with the family, teachers, and other mental health professionals to design an effective intervention plan for the child. Additionally, parents are taught how to interact with their child in a positive way that is developmentally appropriate and move on to set reasonable expectations from their child. We also work on communicating these expectations, as it is essential that they be conveyed in a manner, which is understandable to the child. Parents also learn a very consistent and predictable way to follow through with set consequences when their children are non-compliant.

Overall, through the Behavioural Intervention program, we aim to increase desirable child behaviours, improve parent-child interactions and bring about a positive family atmosphere, all of which aids in building an environment conducive for their child’s growth.

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