For children who need extra care and support, Individual Therapy ensures undivided attention, a highly personalised teaching approach and a single-minded focus towards their overall development. Covering all facets of a child’s life, Individual Therapy sessions not only address a child’s physical, emotional and social needs, but also ensure their creative and intellectual well-being.

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Occupational Therapy is a health profession that helps clients improve the way their nervous system functions. We help children develop skills that will lead to success in everyday life functions, including: motor skills, social skills, personal skills, and vocational pursuits. Within the Occupational Therapy process, we commence with assessments, which focus on individual and environmental abilities, and the difficulties related to activities in the person’s daily life, and play in younger population.

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Sensory Integration Therapy (SIT) aims to help children with issues related to sensory processing and its modulation. Sensory processing refers to the brain’s ability to organize, interpret and respond to information received from each of the senses. The senses can be classified as visual (sight), auditory (hearing), tactile (touch), vestibular (movement), gustatory (taste) and proprioceptive (pressure). When interruption or disruption occurs in the processing of information from one or more of these areas, the ability to self-regulate and organise oneself may become compromised.

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Speech and Language Therapy is an approach enabling the rehabilitation of physical and/or cognitive deficits/disorders resulting in difficulty in communication ( expressive or receptive) and social interaction. This includes both speech (articulation, intonation, rate, intensity) and language (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, both receptive and expressive language, including reading and writing).

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In-Sync houses a team of specialized Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychologists who administer psychological, and developmental assessments for children, as well as a Clinical Counselor who works together with parents to design inclusive and integrated treatment strategies.

Best Child Therapist Center in Hyderabad

At In-Sync we provide behavioural support through our ‘Behavioural Intervention’ program. This includes, but is not limited to, parent counseling, behaviour modification, support group sessions and collaborating with the family, teachers and other mental health professionals to design an effective intervention plan for the child. Additionally, parents are taught how to interact with their child in a positive way that is developmentally appropriate and

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Special Education helps create a supportive environment to ensure that every child’s educational needs are provided for. It facilitates cognitive development in children. Various psychological and behavioural concerns manifest themselves in the form of reading and writing difficulties, inability to concentrate or comprehend instructions,

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